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Hack using Remote Keylogger

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

In these tutorial we are creating remote keylogger and  combining it with other software to share.

How it works? 

After creating keylogger and combine with software, if victims install setup of software then remote keylogger will install with that software. and all data keystroke will send to server or provided email.

we need, 

L33Ts Keylogger (which create keylogger installer)
Icon creator (which create icon of software)
Binder (for combining the keylogger installer with software)

Download all three file from here,

create fake email account for storage of keystroke.

Creating Remote Keylogger installer

1. open Keylogger creator Folder,

2. execute L33Ts Keylogger

 3. enter fake gmail id and password (email where remote keylogger will send all keystroke) set interval time
     after that you'll get email of keylog and click on Test SMTP to know keylogger is working perfectly or
     not, you will get notice if keylogger is perfect.

4. Then click on compile server button, to create remote keylogger installer. rename it.

   keylogger installer is created but still it can detect and delete by antivirus. so combine with other
   software(exe file)

Creating Icon of software

we need icon of software , software which use for combing with keylogger installer.

1  open folder Icon Creator,  and open ResHacker 

2. click on File menu and select open(CTRL+O)

    in my case i combing keylogger with U torrent setup,

3. Now in Action menu click on save all resources, name file and save.

4. Now you have three files, delete data file, icon.rc file but dont delete main icon file
    Icon_1.ico, we need only  icon for combing keylogger and software

    you Icon is read now combine keylogger and software.

Combining keylogger and software

 1. open Binder folder and execute Easy Binder 

2. click on +button and choose keylogger installer and software. 

 3. Now click on setting's and choose Icon file which we created in previous step , after that
      below in set output file set location and name of output file and press Bind File's Button in
      File's menu

4.Now we have setup file which combine with remote keylogger.

Send it to victims and get all keystroke at fake email account.


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