Google+ ALLHACKD: Disable/Delete victim's Antivirus

Disable/Delete victim's Antivirus

Sunday, 2 June 2013

     Many times i attack on victims computer even i send many Malware, Spyware, Keylogger, Phishing file to victim. but still  many of my attack detected  and  denied by victims AntiVirus. and now im  bore to facing these fucking AntiVirus software which always denied  my attack.

      BUT these time none of any AntiVirus can stop me by attacking, because these time im attacking on
victims AntiVirus . these can be possible becouse AntiVirus software is nothing but just a pice of  programing(batch programing) so we can modify these by using batch program. these batch program will stop AntiVirus by detacing harmful program or software. so after these trick we can attcak on victims computer successfully. If you people facing same problem then use theses trick.

steps for attack :-

1. download batch programing text file from HERE.
    (Im just upload text file which contains batch program so it cant work till modify it.)

2. Now open zip file and get text file, copy that code and save as antivirus.bat
    (just dont execut it on you computer. only save)

3.  now send that executable file to victim by email, or portable hard drive or pen drive,

now if victim double click on it and if exeicut it then victims antivrus will stop working.