Google+ ALLHACKD: Hacking e-mails using Brutus

Hacking e-mails using Brutus

Thursday, 13 December 2012

         This is only for general educational understanding and is not for hacking someones account for wrong purposes will be illegal and is a crime punishable by law across the world.
Before we start note that this will not work for gmail, Facebook and some other websites that ask captcha code in case a wrong password is entered.
Here is a tutorial how to hack email ids through Brutus force,
1.Download Brutus Force from:

2. Extract on desktop and lets start/ OK run it

3. In target bar write:

4.Type most be : POP3

5.Put connections to 60 and timeout to 60

6.Make sure you check a ”Single User

7.Then when you check that to single user below that bar write victims email id in UserID
for example, XYZ@ABC.COM

8.Password mod put on: ”Brute Force”

9.Then click ”Range”(a new window will pop up)

10. Then make sure you put ”Min Length” 6 and ”Max Length” to 16
Then put custom range. It will be default Abcd.. etc and some numbers ..

12.Click OK

And for end click Start… that's all… now wait for the process to complete and you will get the password.

Note: From my experience Brutus is outdated software never work. because i always got these 


Graham Oakman said...

Oh come on, today we have too many home-grown hackers and they think they really can do something cool.